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The information contained herein is offered only for consult purposes and not as support to perform any type of investment of financial activity; therefore, MONEX GRUPO FINANCIERO S.A. DE C.V., (“Monex Grupo Financiero”, hereinafter) its stockholders, members and companies whose securities are listed in Monex Grupo Financiero (the INSTITUTIONS, hereinafter) shall not be held, direct or indirectly, liable for financial transactions or legal actions that users may carry out based on such information.

In several sections on this Site, a comparison of the performance of different financial instruments in time is possible to make out, however, this does not constitute a recommendation to buy, sell nor is it an investment consultancy, therefore, the INSTITUTIONS shall not be held direct or indirectly liable as is stated in the above paragraph.

Additionally, the INSTITUTIONS shall not be held direct or indirectly liable for the type of content, for any type of errors or delays in content, its accuracy or for any action taken as a result of such content, as well as for any delays, interruptions or errors, flaws or omissions caused by or during the recording, processing, transmission, reception or display of information, as well as of its interpretation.

The information displayed on this site does not guarantee the performance or yields of securities traded at Monex Grupo Financiero, thus, by no circumstance should it be considered a suggestion to buy or sell securities.

Stock Exchange market stake should not be random, reason why all participants are recommended to rely on the consultancy and brokerage services of Securities Firms and/or of experts in such matters.

Conditions to Access and Use the Website of Monex Grupo Financiero S.A. de C.V.


By using the Site, the Client outright expresses consent and authorization to the Use and Privacy Terms and Conditions stipulated herein. Through the use of this Site, the Clients may access and/or use the services (“Services”, hereinafter) available for Clients, offered by entities that constitute Monex Grupo Financiero and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates (hereinafter, the Entity”, in particular or “Monex Grupo Financiero”, collectively and/or by third-party providers who, from time to time, may offer their Services through this Site (“Service Provider”, hereinafter).

Monex Grupo Financiero reserves the right to deny, restrict, suspend, cancel or condition the Client access to the Site, being total or partial, temporary or definite, at any time and without previous notice, if the Client violates any of the stipulations from the terms and conditions set forth herein; if the Client commits any act that goes against applicable laws in force; if Monex Grupo Financiero is unable to verify the Client’s identity; if any information provided by the Client were false or by any other cause, subject to full discretion of Monex Grupo Financiero, as well as the possibility to modify the Site’s Services, without it being considered as incompliance on behalf of Monex Grupo Financiero, the Entity, or the corresponding Service Provider.

The Client acknowledges that not all Services are available in all geographical areas and that some Services may be used once the Client has requested such services through an enrollment, registration or requisite established by Monex Grupo Financiero, the Entity or the Service Provider, and through the payment of a fee, commission, as applies, which should be stated under specific conditions by each Entity, Service Provider, or for each type of Service.

Monex Grupo Financiero does not guarantee availability and continuity of the Site and its Services, nor does it guarantee that the Site or the Services will meet an objective or object with regards to any specific activity. The Client shall not hold Monex Grupo Financiero liable of any damage or detriment of any nature that may result from unavailability or lack of continuity of the Site and/ or of its Services.


In virtue of using the Site’s Services, the Client accepts and acknowledges that such use is his/her exclusive responsibility, and should be employed in compliance with functionality that is offered and allowed according to the Site itself and to authorized applications herein, therefore, the Client is required to use and service from them in such a way that no violation is committed to World Wide Web rules and regulations, to Laws from Estados Unidos Mexicanos, to current legislation from the country where the Client is at the time of using such Services, as well as not violating the rights of third-parties. The Site offers Services for the personal use of the Client and may not be used for commercial means.


The Client acknowledges, agrees and shall be restricted from adding hyperlinks from and to the Site and from placing or using the Site’s Services in websites or own or third-party web pages without previous written authorization from Monex Grupo Financiero. Furthermore, the Client is not entitled to limit, hinder or force the use of this Site to any another Client.


Monex Grupo Financiero, its subsidiaries and/or affiliates, nor its providers or commercial partners shall be held liable for any damage or detriment suffered by the Client as a result of inaccurate information, typographical errors and changes or improvements carried out, from time to time, to the Services.

Any information obtained through the Site is general by nature, thus, this must be considered when making personal decisions. It is advisable to consult a professional that can orient the user according to his/ her specific needs. Furthermore, Monex Grupo Financiero is not liable for any damage, detriment or loss in the Client’s system, resulting from glitches in the systems or server of Monex Grupo Financiero, as well as on the Internet. Likewise, Monex Grupo Financiero shall not be held liable for any virus that may infect the Client’s computer which may result from accessing, using or examining the Site or from any data transfers, files, images, texts or audio contained in it. The Clients shall NOT impute any responsibility whatsoever on Monex Grupo Financiero nor demand compensation for damage or detriment, resulting from technical difficulties or glitches in the systems of Monex Grupo Financiero, or in any electronic media like the Internet.


Monex Grupo Financiero may offer Services through third-party providers directly on the Site or indirectly via links, banners or buttons. Monex Grupo Financiero does not request the Client through its Site or through links, banners or buttons to declare any personal information or bank account information, therefore, it does not assume responsibility whatsoever if the Client accesses links, banners or buttons in which such information is requested and is subsequently provided by the Client. The Client acknowledges that Monex Grupo Financiero is exclusively restricted, for its benefit, to: (i) inform the Client regarding aforementioned Services, and (ii) to provide a means of contact between the service provider or seller and the Client. 

The products and/ or services that are commercialized on the Site and/or the sites of Service Providers that may be accessed from the Site are provided or supplied by independent parties. Monex Grupo Financiero is not or shall not be considered as provider or supplier of goods and/ or services that are offered on the web pages and/or the aforementioned sites or those which can be accessed through the Site. The possibility of accessing said web pages and/ or links does not imply any approval, support, sponsorship, recommendation or guarantee whatsoever on behalf of Monex Grupo Financiero regarding the services or goods that are commercialized on such web pages or sites or regarding its content. There is no type of labor relationship or partnership between Monex Grupo Financiero and such Service Providers. All consultancies, advice, declaration, information, service provided, promotion and content of the Providers` web pages that are linked to or on the Site represent opinions and judgment from the Service Provider whose webpage and/or site was accessed or whose services were requested by the Client. Consequently to the above, Monex Grupo Financiero shall not be held liable of any damage or detriment incurred by the Client resulting from such actions, including, but not limited to damages caused due to the loss of data or programs.


Monex Grupo Financiero shall maintain all information that is provided or received by the Clients as confidential, in accordance to legal provisions applicable in Estados Unidos Mexicanos. Monex Grupo Financiero shall not be held responsible for maintaining confidential any type of information provided by the Client in any public manner or one not considered to be confidential, according to the aforementioned terms. The Client acknowledges that in virtue of registering to the Site or at any time afterwards, for using the Site, including all information that the Client provides through news bulletins, releases or chats, as well as all information obtained by Monex Grupo Financiero through text files, will generate data files that are stored in the Client’s computer hard drive (“Cookies”).


By virtue of using the Site, the Client authorizes Monex Grupo Financiero to use, publish, reproduce, disclose, publically communicate and transmit any non-confidential information, pursuant to the provisions set forth in article 109 of the Federal Copyright Law (Ley Federal de los Derechos de Autor, for its acronym in Spanish) and in fraction I of article 76 bis of the Consumer Protection Law (Ley Federal de Protección al Consumidor, for its acronym in Spanish)


The Client agrees to receive the cookies that are delivered by Monex Grupo Financiero’s servers."Cookie" refers to data files that are stored in the hard drive of the user’s computer when he/she has access to the portal. Cookies may contain information such as the identification provided by the Client or information to trace the web pages visited by the Client. A cookie is not able to read the data or information from the Client’s hard drive or read the cookies created by other sites and/ or WebPages.


The Client acknowledges that he/she is and will always be the sole and final responsible party for maintaining the confidence nature of any account numbers, personal passwords, access codes and confidential numbers with which to access the Site’s Services and third-party web pages provided by or related to the Site.


Monex Grupo Financiero is entitled to modify, at any moment, the Terms and Conditions set forth herein. Consequently, the Client should carefully read the Use and Privacy Terms and Conditions each time he/she wishes to use the Site. Some Services offered to the Clients on and/or through the Site are likely to be subject to particular conditions of their own that substitute, complete and/or modify the Use and Privacy Terms and Conditions that are set forth herein. Therefore, the Client shall also carefully read such particular conditions prior to using the Services provided by third parties.


Industrial and intellectual copyrights that stem from the Services and the designs and domains from the Site, as well as the rights to use and exploit the abovementioned property, including but not limited to its disclosure, publication, reproduction, distribution, transformation, are exclusive property of Monex Grupo Financiero or of its legal owner. The Client does not acquire nor may acquire any copyright whatsoever in virtue of using the Services on the Site nor shall the use be, at any given time, considered as authorization or license to use such Services with purposes that differ from those established herein.


For the interpretation, compliance and execution of this agreement, the parties agree that Federal Estados Unidos Mexicanos laws shall be applied and shall be subject to Mexico City, Federal District Courts, expressively wavering any other jurisdiction that may correspond with regards to his/her address, current or future, or for any other cause.