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Monex Introduces 2023 Season Cycling Team in Europe

On February 21, eight Mexican cyclists chosen for their talent, professionalism and discipline to join the AR Monex Pro Cycling Team for the 2023 season in Europe were announced. We are very proud to be given this opportunity and to be able to make your dreams come true, we wish you much success.

The A.R. Monex Pro Cycling Team:

  • Michale Zarate, Baja California Sur
  • Carlos García, Coahuila
  • Daniel Gutiérrez, Guanajuato
  • Isaac del Toro, Baja California
  • David Rubalcaba, Baja California
  • José Antonio Escárcega, Hidalgo
  • Jorge Peyrot, Baja California Sur
  • Giovanni Niels, Michoacán

Equipo Ar Monex Temporada 2023

*The names of cyclists is in order of appearance from left to right.

Monex Introduces 2022 Season Cycling Team

Monex Introduces 2022 Season Cycling Team

On February 21, the A.R. Monex cycling team for the 2022 European Season was introduced to the media.

We are very proud to be the main sponsor of a team that helps Mexican cyclists compete at the highest level.

The A.R. Monex Pro Cycling Team is divided into 3 categories: Under-23 Road Racing, Cyclocross, and Junior Road and Mountain Biking.

The Cycling Team:

  • Nils Daniel Gutierrez (Guanajuato)
  • Bruno Camarena de León (Jalisco)
  • David Ruvalcaba Reyes (Baja California)
  • Jorge Fabrizio Martínez (Michoacán)
  • José Antonio Escárcega (Hidalgo)
  • Diego Arreola Dimas (Durango)
  • Isaac del Toro Romero (Baja California)
  • Carlos Alfonso García (Coahuila)
  • Leonardo Rafael Zavala Pantoja (Guanajuato)
  • Jenaro Alejandro Pérez (Zacatecas)


Note: The names of cyclists is in order of appearance from left to right.

Monex develops young cyclists

AR Monex Pro Cycling Team

AR Monex Pro Cycling Team

At Monex we are very proud to announce that, for the first time in history, the International Cycling Union (UCI) has officially registered the following three teams in Europe: 

  • AR Monex Pro Cycling Team- UCI Continental Men´s Road Team 
  • AR Monex Women´s Pro Cycling Team- UCI Continental Women´s Road Team 
  • AR Monex MTB Team- UCI XCO/DHI Team 

The Men’s Road Team is 100% Mexican and the Women’s Road Team has four Mexican athletes and foreign cyclists. 

All three teams are affiliated with the Italian and San Marino Cycling Federations, focusing their training in Europe under the best possible conditions while still representing Mexico.

At Monex we are committed to promoting sports and the development of great Mexican athletes. Through our AR program, we will take steps toward  achieving this goal, knowing that 2021 will be key for training new talent eyeing the next Olympic cycle. 


Under-23 Road Cycling (Men 18 to 23 years old)

2023 Season

Tour de L'Avenir U23

Isaac del Toro takes first place in stage 6 of the Tour de L'Avenir U23 in France, a 65km mountain day in the town of Méribel and the Col de la Loze. A historic day for Mexican cycling

The stage that started at 14:00 hours in France at the Parc Olympique de Meribel became the most important day for Mexican cycling in the U23 category. Four Mexicans, Isaac del Toro, Carlos García, Michael Zárate and Ramón Muñiz, started together with the whole squad with the firm purpose of reaching the finish line at Col de la Loze, after 69 kilometers.

With a spectacular closing Del toro crossed the triumphal arch in 2 hours 4 minutes and 5 seconds, leaving behind the American Matthew Riccitello by only one second, entering the finish line only 29 seconds after the Italian Davide Piganzoli


51 Coppa della Pace

On June 4, the A. R. Monex Pro Cycling Team competed in the "51° COPPA DELLA PACE - 48° TROFEO FRATELLI ANELLI" in Sant'Ermete, Emilia R., Italy.

Isaac del Toro closes in 15th place and Carlos García in 39th place.

Carlos García, Jorge Peyrot, Isaac del Toro, Nils Gutiérrez, Antonio Escárcega and Michael Zarate also competed in the race.


68 Alcide de Gasperi Trophy

On June 2, 2023, the A. R. Monex Pro Cycling Team competed in the “68th TROFEO ALCIDE DE GASPERI” in the town of Trento, Trento, Italy, with Isaac del Toro getting 4th place, earning 20 UCI points and a mountain award.

Carlos García, Jorge Peyrot, Isaac del Toro, Nils Gutiérrez and Michael Zarate competed in the race as well.


4th G.P. Lari- Citta' delle Ciliegie

On May 20, the Ar Monex Pro Cycling Team competed in the "4th G.P. LARI - CITTA' DELLE CILIEGIE”, with Isaac del Toro earning 6th place, in the town of Lari, Tuscany, Italy.

A road race in line (Route), in which Isaac del Toro, Jorge Peyrot, Antonio Escarcega, Nils Gutiérrez, Luca Scarponi and Michael Zarate competed.

The race started with 198 cyclists and took place over 162 km.  The first sections consisted of three flat 9 km laps, followed by the first pass through Lari, the finish area, after 33.5 km. Subsequently, a 20.5 km circuit was repeated five times.

With 10 km to go, the squad began to break up, leaving a group of 25 cyclists at the front, including Isaac del Toro #27. In the last turn with 100 meters to go, the cyclist Parravano Francesco jumped and won with a time of 3:45:52, two seconds ahead of the other cyclists where Isaac disputed a Sprint closing in 6th place.

 Good job team!


La Medicea

On May 13, the A. R. Monex Pro Cycling Team competed in "LA MEDICEA", in the town of Cerreto Guidi, Tuscany, Italy.

Carlos García, Luca Scarponi, Jorge Peyrot, Rodolfo Gervasio and Nils Gutiérrez competed in the race.


9 Daniele Tortoli Memorial

On May 7, 2023, the A.R. Monex Pro Cycling Team competed in the "9° MEMORIAL DANIELE TORTOLI" 21st place went to Carlos García, 43rd to Jorge Peyrot and 99th to Michael Zarate, in the town of Montalto, Tuscany, Italy.

Michael Zarate, Antonio Escarcega, Luca Scarponi, Rodolfo Gervasio, Carlos García, Nils Gutiérrez and Jorge Peyrot also competed in this race.


56 Porto Circuit

On May 1, the A.R. Monex Pro Cycling Team competed in the "56th CIRCUITO DEL PORTO - TROFEO ARVEDI", with António Escárcega placing 55th and Carlos García placing 83rd, in the town of Cremona, Lombardia, Italy.

A road race in which Michael Zarate, Antonio Escarcega, Luca Scarponi, Rodolfo Gervasio, Carlos García and Jorge Peyrot participated.


Giro della Provincia di Biella

On April 23 Isaac del Toro took 6th place in the "27° GIRO DELLA PROVINCIA DI BIELLA - 81° TROFEO TORINO BIELLA", in which the A.R. Monex Pro Cycling Team competed, in the town of Biella, Piemonte, Italy.

Isaac achieved the same time as the winner and obtained 2 Mountain Awards. Antonio Escárcega was 3rd in the first Premio de Montaña. Let's go team!


45vo. G.P Citta di Empoli

On April 16, the A.R. Monex Pro Cycling Team competed in the 45th G.P. CITTA' DI Empoli, with Isaac del Toro earning 6th place, making the same time as the winner and David Ruvalcaba closed at 20th place, in the town of Empoli, Tuscany, Italy.

The race started with 180 cyclists and ended with 52. The team is proving to be more consistent and stronger than ever. Congratulations!


7mo. G.P Citta di Pontedera

On April 15, 2023, the A. R. Monex Pro Cycling Team competed in the 7th G.P. CITTA' DI PONTEDERA, achieving 7th place with David Ruvalcaba, in the town of Pontedera, Tuscany, Italy.

The race started with 183 cyclists competing and ended with 117, at km 60 several cyclists fell, including Isaac del Toro, so he could not continue.

David Ruvalcaba always remained in the first group and with 12 km to go, Baseggio Matteo #139 broke away and managed to win alone with a time of 3:53:02. David Ruvalcaba closed in 7th place in the main group with a sprint 38 seconds behind the winner.

Carlos García closes in 25th place, Antonio Escarcega in 94th place. Michael Zarate, Isaac del Toro and Nils Gutierrez failed to finish the race after working together as a team for the result.


76th. Visentini Trophy

On April 10, 2023, the A. R. Monex Pro Cycling Team competed in the criterium "76° TROFEO VISENTINI", achieving a solid 6th place with Carlos García, in the town of Bagnolo di Nogarole Rocca, Veneto, Italy.

The Mexican team is getting closer and closer to the podium!

Isaac del Toro, Michael Zarate, Antonio Escarcega, Carlos García and David Ruvalcaba also competed in the race.

The race began with 125 cyclists competing, through 100 km with start and finish in the town of Bagnolo di Nogarole Rocca, which had a circuit with a layout of 4 km, 25 laps to complete the distance. 



On April 8, 2023, the A. R. Monex Pro Cycling Team competed in the criterium "PASQUALANDO", earning 10th place with David Ruvalcaba and winning the Intermediate Sprint with Jorge Peyrot, in the town of Ponte a Egola, San Miniato, Italy.

Nils Gutiérrez, Luca Scarponi, Rodolfo Niels Gervasio, Jorge Peyrot and David Ruvalcaba also competed in the race.

The race started with 126 cyclists competing, the team always remained well positioned at the front of the group doing an excellent job.


61 Fiera di Mercatale Cup

On April 4, 2023, Isaac del Toro of the A. R. Monex Pro Cycling Team took 12th place in the 61st COPPA FIERA DI MERCATALE - MEMORIAL MASSIMILIANO in Mercatale, Arezzo, Italy.

Isaac del Toro, Michael Zarate, Nils Gutiérrez, Luca Scarponi and Rodolfo Niels Gervasio also competed in the race.

The race started with 165 cyclists competing and ended with only 68.

With 7 km to go, 15 cyclists broke away from the group, Isaac del toro (#164) managed to stay in that group as the rest of the squad was cut off little by little on the last climb. Isaac closed in 12th place, nine seconds behind the winner.


74th. Piva Trophy

On April 2, 2023, David Ruvalcaba of the A. R. Monex Pro Cycling Team got a remarkable 9th place in the 74th TROFEO PIVA, a UCI race of great importance for the U23 category, which took place in the town of San Martino, Treviso, Italy.

The race started with 174 cyclists competing, including Carlos García, Antonio Escárcega, Isaac de Toro, Jorge Peyrot and David Ruvalcaba from AR Monex, and ended with only 64 cyclists. 


113 Edizione La Bolghera

On March 26, Michael Zarate of the A. R. Monex Pro Cycling Team achieved 15th place in the 113 EDIZIONE LA BOLGHERA in Trento, Italy; also participating were Carlos García, Antonio Escarsega and Nils Gutierrez.

The race began with 107 cyclists competing through 98km with start and finish in the town of Trento, which had a circuit with a layout of 2.8 km, with 35 laps to complete the distance.


106th. Popolarissima.

On March 19, 2023, the A. R. Monex Pro Cycling Team competed in the 106th POPOLARISSIMA, with Jorge Peyrot getting 14th place and Carlos García in 16th place in the town of Treviso, Veneto, Italy.

A road race in line, where Carlos García, Jorge Peyrot, David Ruvalcaba and Michael Zarate participated, concluding the complete squad in this international competition.


Alessandro Bolis Trophy

On March 12, Jorge Peyrot from Baja California, won the Meta Volante award at the Alessandro Bolis Trophy, in Vento, Italy, competing with 165 other cyclists. An in-line race, in which Isaac del Toro, Carlos García, Jorge Peyrot, David Ruvalcaba and Michael Zarate participated.


Cycling web Critérium

On March 11, 2023, the A. R. Monex Pro Cycling Team competed in the CICLISMOWEB CRITERIUM in the town of San Pietro, Italy, a Critérium, where Isaac del Toro, Carlos García, Jorge Peyrot, David Ruvalcaba and Nils Gutiérrez participated.

The race started with 154 cyclists, in a 3.5 km circuit, with a total distance of 112 km, Carlos García with plate #12 finished in the sprint, entering the finish line in an incredible 5th place.


11th. Grand Prix Dell'Industria di Civitanova

On March 5, Carlos García got 6th place in this competition after the AR Monex team was leading all day long.

Isaac del Toro stayed in the breakaway and the team remained behind to save energy and launch Carlos, who contested the sprint for this well-deserved place.


2nd. Misano 100 Grand Prix - Open Games

Held on February 26 at the MARCO SIMONCELLI racetrack located in Misano Adriatico, Italy. There were 182 cyclists who had to complete 25 laps of 4.2 km each, for a total distance of 105.65 km

Despite unfavorable weather conditions: rain, low temperature (4º C) and strong winds, our cyclists were compact and stable, then, these conditions caused 4 cyclists of AR Monex to withdraw from the competition for being on the verge of hypothermia, in fact of the 182 cyclists who started, only 66 finished.


2022 Season

The AR Monex team started the 2022 Season at the GP Misano 100 competition in Italy. Success team!

competencia ciclismo GP Misano 100


GP Misano 100.

The AR Monex team kicked off the 2022 Season on February 27 at the GP Misano 100, Italy, in the Elite-Sub23 category. This is a 4.2km flat circuit completed 25 times for a total of 105km,

This was the ideal race to start the season for our five representatives, Carlos García, Antonio Escárcega, Bruno Camarena, David Ruvalcaba and Fabrizio Martínez. Good luck team!


20th G.P. de Nardi in Castello Roganzuolo.

March 6 was the second day of competition for the A.R. MONEX PRO CYCLING season in Europe,. participating in the Men’s U23 category road race of the 20th G.P. de Nardi in Castello Roganzuolo, Italy. Carlos Garcia took 2nd place in the first hot spot sprint of the day after completing an undulating 101km circuit. This was the first podium appearance for the team in the 2022 season. Congratulations!


Citta di Nonantola Trophy.

On March 13, the A.R. MONEX PRO CYCLING TEAM experienced the Città Di Nonantola Trophy, a road race held on a 9.5km flat circuit that was repeated 13 times, completing 123.5 km. Carlos García obtained 2nd place in 2 flying goals and came in position #12 at the end of the competition. We congratulate the athletes who participated in this race, it was a great team effort. Let's go for more hits!

Trofeo Città di Nonantola


61st. Gran Premio San Giuseppe.

On March 20, AR MONEX participated in the 61st. Gran Premio San Giuseppe; an international road race held on a 19 km circuit repeated 8 times to complete 162km. Nils Gutiérrez scored points by finishing in 10th place.



15th Città di San Vendemiano Trophy - 62nd Gran Premio Industria e Commercio.

On March 27 AR MONEX participated in the 15th Città di #sanvendemiano Trophy - 62nd Gran Premio Industria e Commercio, covering 179.6km., Only 38 cyclists managed to complete the race and Issac del Toro was one of them, finishing in 13th place overall thanks to help from the rest of his teammates.



7th Giuliano Renzi Trophy.

17-year-old cyclist Jenaro Pérez won the only hot spot sprint of the day to make the podium for the first time this season in the 7th Giuliano Renzi Trophy on March 27 and was the first of his year to cross the finish line. The race features a 25 km circuit completed 3 times for a total of 75 km. Congratulations on the teamwork!



73rd PIVA Trophy.

On April 3, the AR Monex team participated in the 73rd Piva Trophy in Treviso, Italy. This 147 km road race features major slopes and despite the low temperatures, rain and hail, David Ruvalcaba managed to complete the 1st Mountain Classification in 3rd place. Now on to even greater success!



61st Tour du Loir-et-Cher.

Last April 13th to 17th in the Loire region of France, the 61st annual five-stage Tour du Loir-et-Cher took place. AR Monex was the first Mexican team to ever participate: Isaac del Toro, leader of the Mexican pro cycling team, come in at 10th position and 30th in the general ranking. He was also the third youngest cyclist to compete this year. Congratulations!

Tour du loir et cher

2021 Season

GP Slovenian Istria

The UCI Continental Under-23 -A.R. Monex Pro Cycling Team debuted on Sunday, March 21. It is the first and only team with a Mexican structure and athletes  registered in Europe with the International Cycling Union. The team will be competing in the GP Slovenian Istria, which has a 1.2 rating. This race was held in a 33 km Slovenian circuit, with approximately 5 laps for a total of 157 kilometers.

Congratulations to Edgar Cadena, captain of the AR Monex Program team, for his performance in the Slovenian Istria GP race on March 21, where he placed 32nd, only 9 seconds behind 1st place. Please follow our AR Monex teams’ upcoming competitions.  

72nd Trofeo PIVA

On April 4, the 72nd Trofeo PIVA, a U23 race with a UCI 1.2 rating, was held in Veneto Italy, where the A.R. Monex Road Team, led by Edgar Cadena and supported by Miguel Arroyo, Leonardo Zavala and brothers Armando and Eduardo Miralrío, faced a race consisting of three laps with an initial 11.74 km lap, followed by a second 17.85 km section repeated 6 times and finishing with three laps of a 19.75 km stretch. The race covered 178 km in total, with long uphill stretches with 12.4° slopes. During the race, the team was two short laps away from the finish line, with only 32% of the cyclists finishing the race.

The race ended with the victory of Spanish cyclist Juan Ayuso (Colpack Ballan team) with the Italians Luca Colnaghi (UC Trevigiani) and Antonio Puppio (Qhubeka) taking second and third place.

Ciclismo Monex


82nd Giro del Belvedere

On Monday, April 5, the A.R. Monex Road Team once again took part in a UCI 1.2 Under-23 race, the 82nd Giro del Belvedere, a prestigious international Under-23 race, which consisted of a 166.8 km track, with two rings: the first 9.4 km stretch was repeated 14 times, after which the team had to face the Conche hill, with the final circuit (17.6 km, repeated twice) including the race’s symbolic slope, the Montaner, near the Borgo Canalet. Edgar Cadena, Miguel Arroyo, Carlos Mier, Jorge Valles and Leonardo Zavala participated in the race.

Team captain Edgar Cadena was the best placed, finishing with the chase group, followed by Jorge Valles, who placed among the race's finalists.


14th Trofeo Città di San Vendemiano

Congratulations to cyclists Edgar Cadena, Miguel Arroyo, Jorge Ramírez, Jorge Valles, Carlos Mier Terán and Leonardo Zavala, the AR Monex Under-23 team members who participated in the 14th Trofeo Città di San Vendemiano on April 18. They competed against 158 other top cyclists on a 179 km course with a 2,700 km climb and an average 2.3° slope. At Monex we remain fully committed to supporting this sport.

Trofeo Di San Vendemiano


74th Gran Premio della Liberazione

The Under-23 category team competed on April 25 in Rome, Italy against 28 international teams in the 74th Gran Premio della Liberazione also known as the “Mondiale di Primavera”, a prestigious race for all  participants. The cyclists went through an intense and highly technical 138 km circuit in which Edgar Cadena took 32nd place, finishing with a time of 3:16:56, just 13 seconds behind first place.

74o Gran Premio Liberazione


54th Circuito del Porto-Trofeo Arvedi

On May 2, the AR Monex Under-23 team competed in the 54th CIRCUITO DEL PORTO – TROFEO ARVEDI, a 1.2 ME race with the participation of Edgar Cadena, Miguel Arroyo, Carlos Mier y Terán, Jorge Valles, Leonardo Zavala and Eduardo Miralrío. The race consisted of a completely flat 12.850 km circuit that was repeated 14 times for a total of 180 km. This race was an excellent opportunity to highlight the team’s astronomic growth during their season in Europe, with a flawless performance, teamwork and strategies  paying the way for Edgar Cadena’s highlight breakaway, competing shoulder to shoulder with the Russian winner of this classic race.



49th Coppa Della Pace - Trofeo Fratelli Anelli

On Sunday May 30, the A.R. Mondex Under-23 team participated in the great classic in Romagna, Italy, the 49th Coppa Della Pace - Trofeo Fratelli Anelli. The circuit includes slopes, mountainous circuits, curves and flat roads. The race was 178 km long, with Edgar Cadena managing to complete the race in 43rd place.

49a Coppa Della Pace - Trofeo Fratelli Anelli


Sibiu Cycling Tour 

Congratulations to the AR Monex Under-23 team for their extraordinary participation in the Sibiu Cycling Tour stage race held Romania. The race began on Saturday, June 3 and ended on July 6. The team showed excellent teamwork and managed a top 10 ranking. This was the most important and transcendental race of the year, getting the team a little closer to the World Tour. Congratulations to the entire team!

Sibiu Cycling Tour


Giro della Regione Friuli

The 57th Giro della Regione Friuli, an international race for Elite and Under-23 cyclists that took place from September 3 to 5, ended on a high note. Our A.R. Monex team fought relentlessly to stay in the main peloton throughout the three stages, regardless of setbacks and high-level competition.  

Leo Zavala demonstrated outstanding effort, finishing in 25th place in the youth category with a total time of 10:50:57". Miguel Arroyo finished with a 10:52:57" time, tirelessly supporting Zavala,  and Eduardo Miralrío finished with 11:06:39", stepping up his efforts to support his teammates. 

Competencia Giro Friuli


UCI Men’s Junior Road Race Championship

During his first UCI Junior Road Race Championship held in Belgium on September 24, Isaac Del Toro ranked as the second best Latin American behind a Brazilian cyclist, ranking 6th  overall for Latin America.  This competition was the last race of the 2021 Road Race season.

Congratulations to the A.R. Monex team, which has continually achieved excellent results, forging a place for Mexican cyclists among the world’s elite.

Campeonato de Ruta UCI Jr

Men’s Junior Mountain Biking (16 to 17 years old)



On April 25, the AR Monex Program competed in the MTB Ca' Neva Trophy, in Italy; its distance was 4.7 km in 6 laps, making a total distance of 1,020 and in which Isaac del Toro managed to finish in 4th place U23 and 9th overall with a time of 1h21:20, thus achieving a position in the top 10 of the competition. Congratulations! let's go for more.


UCI MTB World Cup in Germany

On May 7, Isaac del Toro represented Mexico and the A.R. Monex Pro Cycling Teams in the 2nd round of the UCI MTB 2022 World Cup in Albstadt, Germany, starting in 102nd place with the 109 plate and finishing in 56th place out of 151 athletes, earning 2 UCI points. Undoubtedly an impressive comeback for World Cup level.

The goal was to climb as many places as possible, Isaac climbed 50 places, which shows what a great moment he is going through.




Congratulations to every one of our athletes in the Junior Mountain Biking team for their performance in the Andora Race Cup on Sunday, March 7, in San Marino, Italy. 




Internazionali D’Italia Series

On April 5, A.R. Monex’s Junior MTB team competed in their second race in Europe, the Internazionali D'Italia Series MTB UCI C1, the Cross-Country race to beat. The circuit includes incredible sea views, intense climbs and tempting technical descents. The very talented Junior team includes cyclists José Antonio Prieto, José Juan Prieto, Nils Daniel Gutiérrez, Diego Arreola, Antonio Escárcega, Carlos García and Bruno Camarena.


Marlene Südtirol Sunshine Race

On Saturday, April 10, the A.R. Monex MTB team faced a new challenge, the Marlene Südtirol Sunshine race in Nalles, Italy, which has become a spring classic. It is known internationally as one of the toughest races in history with a 4 km circuit at an elevation of 160 m. It follows a natural path with quick and dusty descents that attract the best athletes from 2o countries to this incredible experience. [Our team} clearly had the potential to clear this race. Congratulations to all participants for their effort! 



Ca´neva Trophy 

On April 25, the MTB Team participated in the complex MTB Ca'neva Trophy, a 4.7 km route with 170 m slopes. Cyclists Nails Gutiérrez and Antonio Prieto finished the race, greatly improving their ranking. 



79th Circuito di Orsago

Congratulations to the cyclists for their May 2 participation in the 79th Circuito di Orsago, a race in which they competed against Italy’s best and in which the A.R. Monex Junior team worked with the intensity it is known for. The team showed a marked improvement that was clear when they pulled off a highlight strategy, with Carlos García coming in 5th place in this tough fast-paced race made all the more difficult by the wind and rain.

79o Circuito de Orsago


World Cup 2021-Albstadt, Germany 

Congratulations to all our cyclists for their performance, especially Isaac del Toro who managed to climb up 61 places. He started in 100th place and finished 39th out of 147 riders in the May 8 competition. The A.R. Monex Junior Program took on the exhilarating and exciting Albstadt circuit with temperatures close to freezing and intermittent rain that saturated the route with water and eroded paths, increasing the circuit’s difficulty for all the race participants.



Eroica Juniores- Siena, Montalcino

On Sunday, May 16, the first Eroica Juniores-Andrea Meneghelli Cup was held in the province of Siena. It is a national competition known as the Strade Bianche, where the AR Monex Junior Program team worked hard to meet its goal. So much so that Diego Arreola from Durango won the first sector, while Carlos González finished the competition in 9th place.

The competition began and ended at the Medici Fortress in central Siena. Siena is a classical Italian city with a rich history that has witnessed the victory of many professional cycling greats.

Eroica Juniores


Cerrano Bike Land International

On Sunday, May 30, one of the most important international mountain bike circuit races was held in Pineto, Italy. Cerrano Bike Land, the only circuit held at sea level, is approximately 20 km long with an accumulated climb of 875 m.

Congratulations are in order for Isaac del Toro who was commanding, confident and who enjoyed himself at every circuit, taking first place, with the rest of the group 45 seconds behind him, winning him the gold medal for the Cerrano Bike Land race of the Italian Bike Cup series held on May 30. In addition, Carlos García remained constant, focused and determined, placing 5th in the competition.

Please click on the following link to see the rankings:

Cerrano Bike Land International UCI MTB C2


2nd  Trofeo Valdibrana

On Wednesday, June 2, the A.R. Monex Junior team faced the 2nd TROFEO VALDIBRANA-MONSUMMANO race in Italy. The circuit is 115 km long with very difficult climbs and an altitude difference of 369 m. Once again, Isaac del Toro was a winner, placing fourth in the competition. Congratulations!



23rd Trofeo Sportivi Di San Martino

On Sunday, June 6, the A.R. Monex Junior team returned to compete in the 23rd TROFEO SPORTIVI DI SAN MARTINO race in Veneto, Italy, consisting of a total circuit of 129 km. It was a long, top-level competition that put the young athletes’ endurance to the test. Carlos García won the km 108 stage. Congratulations!



1st Trofeo Roberto Tomassetti

On Saturday, June 12, the 1st TROFEO ROBERTO TOMASSETTI race was held in Marche, Italy, where Isaac del Toro placed 3rd in the time trial, which consisted of a 4.5 km total circuit with a 2.3° slope.

1° Trofeo Roberto Tomassetti


Internazionali d’Italia Series-La Thuile MTB 

Saturday, July 26, was the last race of the Internazionali d’Italia Series-La Thuile MTB, a high-adrenaline, high-level Junior World Cup. The course was very technical and suitable for fine-tuning the athletes’ condition. It was 4 km long with 188 meters of elevation for each stage. The La Thuile promises entertainment with many sections enhancing the technical qualities of cross-country cycling.

Internazionali d’Italia Series La Thuile MTB


Emilia-Romagna Regional Championship

On June 27, the A.R. Monex youth team participated in the Emilia-Romagna Regional Championship, a race with a 120 km long course that has been held since 1987. Carlos García placed in 3 of the 5 mountain classifications, taking 4th place. Having achieved this, the team began working on their final strategy, placing the team together to help Isaac del Toro breakaway to the finish line during the last few kilometers of the race, who finished the race in an incredible 6th place.

Campeonato Regional Emilia-Romagna


Vittorio Veneto-San Boldo

Congratulations to Isaac del Toro, who placed 3rd on the podium in the Vittorio Veneto-San Boldo race on Sunday, July 11. Congratulations! Let's head for more success!



59th Copa Linari

Great performance by the team and Carlos Garcia, who, on August 18, finished in 11th place, alongside impressive riders from Slovenia and Holland, who did not wait for the final sprint to attack.

In addition, with great effort Nils Daniel earned a mountain classification. Once again, our A.R. Monex Junior team showed what they are made of!

59 Copa Linari


3rd Trofeo Emozione

Diego worked hard during the competition’s 127 km this August 21, clinging to the leads and mountain passes, finishing in 16th place through pure determination, in an exciting sprint against the breakaways. The rest of the JR team also did their part, following the strategy with high motivation and successfully finishing the race.

3er Trofeo Emozione


DMT Castel D’ario

During the Sprint, Carlos Garcia took 15th place just 07' behind the competition winner this August 22, after neutralizing the breakaway to the finish line. This was in part thanks to great teamwork and a correct strategy that was carried out throughout the race, which consisted of a flat but quite technical route known for its narrow streets and endless curves.

The team finished the week with great results that motivate us to continue believing in A.R. Monex, confident in knowing that we are seeing results happening little by little, with the team showing us what they are made of and standing out among the best.

DMT Castel D´ario


UCI MTB World Championship

Isaac Del Toro, Nils Gutierrez and Jose Juan Prieto participated in this great event held August 26 in Val Di Sole Trentino, Italy. Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated of the year due to its importance and high technical level. A 4 km track with a cumulative elevation gain of 190 meters between ramps, descents, roots and rocky sections were part of the great challenge that the cyclists faced.  The A.R. Monex team had excellent news with the following rankings:

Isaac Del Toro moved up from 76th to 39th place,

Nils Gutierrez moved up 16 places to finish in 72nd place with Jose Prieto finishing in 81st place out of 90.

Campeonato Mundial de Ciclismo de Ruta 2021


60th Vittorio Veneto - Cansiglio

August 28 was full of excitement and adrenaline as our Junior athletes not only participated in the UCI MTB World Championship, but also participated in the 60th Vittorio Veneto - Cansiglio, an iconic road race in the region.

It was a short and fast 82 km race which was mainly divided into two parts. The first circuit, the fastest, which was on a flat section and with a mountain classification that them in each of the 6 laps. Our rider Antonio Prieto took second place in mountain classification and as always, after a great showing of team work, Isaac del Toro took 11th place. Congratulations!

Vittorio Veneto Cansiglio


Tour de L'Avenir Femmes 2023.

We will announce the cyclists who will represent Mexico for the first time in history in the Tour de France U23 in 2023:

Jacqueline Jimena Tamez Escamilla (Nuevo León)

Romina Hinojosa Cruz (Monterrey)

Valeria León Ordáz (Michoacán)

Katia Elizabeth Martínez Miñarro (Nuevo León)

Gabriela Couret (Culiacán)

Yareli Acevedo Mendoza (Mexico City)



Road to the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games

Yareli Salazar from AR MONEX WOMEN´S TEAM returned to Mexico after a satisfying season in Europe, with the firm conviction to be the best out there and put into play the great preparation and experience gained on the old continent. Yareli Salazar won multiple medals during the National Road Cycling Championships, with her most recent and prestigious triumph in the gold medal for course discipline.

The championship held in Aguascalientes on June 13, earned her a pass to the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Congratulations!

Yareli Salazar Olímpicos Tokio 2021

2022 Season


On April 30, the AR Monex Program team competed in the SANTOPORO XC 5 ITALIA BIKE CUP 2022, in the town of Esanatoglia, Italy. A technical and very demanding track with some very steep climbs. Its distance was 4.1km where it was run in Elite/Sub23 for eight laps and in junior for five.

Isaac del Toro managed to finish in 1st place U23 and 3rd overall and Carlos García finished in 6th place U23 and 9th overall.  On the junior athletes' side, Nils Gutiérrez finished 12th with a time of 1h:01:29 and Jenaro Pérez finished 26th with a time of 1h:08:18. Congratulations team, keep on succeeding!



Historic result for Mexican cycling!

Isaac del Toro wins in cyclo-cross, becoming champion of the 8th edition of the Bikeland Cyclocross Trophy. 

For the first time in history, a Mexican wins a Cyclo-cross competition in Italy. A result that involves sacrifice, discipline, perseverance and the daily attempt to improve your own record. 

It was a 2.5 km circuit on a very slippery terrain and while the weather was quite favorable, the rain of previous days and the humidity made it quite muddy and slippery, which is typical of this discipline, and yet, had excellent results. Congratulations!

Trofeo Bikeland Ciclocross