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Electronic Factoring Line


Monex facilitates the sale from companies to large domestic and foreign corporations through a simple and electronic financing process.

Suppliers access an immediate electronic discount through our e-Factor platform.

e-Factor Network is the leading international financing tool to carry out Electronic Factoring Operations.

It operates in a secure web environment that allows operation and resource flow follow-up in real time.

  • Discounts may be granted in pesos or USD
  • Factoring line provided by Monex to Leading Companies (“EPO”s) allowing several suppliers the option to discount their accounts receivables, recovering liquidity at a competitive price.
  • Simple service. The supplier receives the funds in his/her account.
  • The term received by the EPO may be up to 180 days, depending on the specific agreement with the supplier.
  • It is a factoring process with no recourses for the supplier; that is, it converts accounts receivables into cash.
  • Upon maturity, the EPO pays MONEX 100% of the invoices.
  • Credit Line with a 12-month maturity date.
  • Suppliers may discount invoices continuously, provided the EPO’s line of credit is valid and that it is permitted by such line of credit.     
  • The EPO determines whether the factoring process is carried out under the traditional scheme or under the “Factor Diez” scheme, which is a part of e-factor.
  • Monex grants the credit line to the EPO, however suppliers may verify availability thereof with Monex.





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