Institutional Savings

Flexible Savings Account

If you want to achieve a dream, you must act


It is an employee grouping created as a mutual fund that arose from the decision made by the Company and its workers to create a voluntary savings plan to bring benefits to all its participants.

It establishes a rapid and tax efficient mechanism that promotes a savings culture among employees.

It achieves attractive yields that are tax-exempt for the employees.

It provides an instrument to offer loans at preferential rates.

Ordinary Contributions:

  • Contributions are deducted from payroll
  • Contributions are made on each payroll cut-off date
  • Liquidity is defined in the bylaws
  • The contribution amount is defined upon signing up to the Plan and  will be a fixed amount unless company bylaws indicate otherwise and state specific dates that change the contribution amounts.

Extraordinary Contributions

  • Are made directly by the employee (referenced deposit)
  • High – liquidity level
  • Withdrawals are made through the customer service telephone line
  • The contribution amount may vary and is voluntary


  • Acquisition and/or promotion of the savings culture
  • Transparency and security in resource management
  • High flexibility in contribution investment
  • Attractive and tax- exempt yields
  • Credits, if applicable, at a competitive rate



  • It acts as a low-cost benefit and has a high appreciative value for employees, even higher than other benefits.
  • Optimizes the management and handling of employees’ savings
  • Reduces the risk of informal savings schemes
  • Improves the organizational environment and contributes to increase productivity
  • Consultancy service designing and implementing your “Flexible Savings Account”
  • Assistance, at no additional cost, of the specialized area in the Account management, investment and operation
  • The possibility to hire the services of our Monex Funds and Accounts Manager (Administradora de Fondos y Cajas Monex A.C) to obtain independent management.
  • A wide and attractive range of available tax-exempt investment funds, with higher and more competitive yield levels.
  • Individualization system and financial estimate of Account contributions where all processes are automated and the information is available for you online 24/7, 365 days of the year.
  • Integral management, that generates the necessary operation reports relative to: investment of resources, registrations, cancellations, contributions, withdrawals, loans,  payments, among others.
  • Communication, processing and data storage infrastructure, with the highest security standards.   
  • Personal assistance by assigning each company with a specialized executive.
  • Access to our “Monex Si” Customer Service Telephone Line for consultancy, withdrawals and clarifications over the operations and management of such Account.  





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