Foreign Exchange

Money Transfer

Efficiency on international payments

Payment Orders

The transfer of funds to and from foreign countries are payment orders issued to a bank with the purpose of transferring funds from one account to another, on behalf of the sender to beneficiaries anywhere in the world.

Funds Transfer to everywhere in the world

Funds transfers same day, 24 or 48 hours in USD or any other currency

All transactions are linked to an outgoing (Fed Wire) code and an incoming (reference) code, allowing correct and improved identification and immediate settlement.

Additional Products

Buy / Sell of Documents

Monex’s services include the sale of documents  in US dollars and other currencies, drawn on correspondent banks in the US and other registered countries in favor of our customer, or a third party at the customer’s request.

When buying documents in US dollars and other currencies (remittances) in favor of Monex or our customer, the documents must be endorsed and meet all validity requirements for that particular negotiable instrument.

The benefits you will receive include access to the vast coverage and acceptance of Monex-issued instruments, both in Mexico and internationally, as well as a responsive remittance collection process under preferential and very competitive conditions.

In addition, Monex issues checks in any currency through its network of correspondent banks worldwide at competitive exchange rates. It can also receive documents from any country in any currency, ensuring funds are available from the issuing bank and has the ability to assign a dedicated remittance facility for each client


  • Selling Mexdolars

This refers to the sale of documents in US dollars issued by Monex and drawn on banks in Mexico. These are order payable in the name of the bearer or a third party at the customer’s request.

To supplement this service, we have checking accounts of our own at most domestic banks for conducting electronic banking deposits to our clients or third parties.

  • Buying Mexdolars 

Purchasing Mexdolars in favor of Monex must meet all validity requirements for that particular negotiable instrument. They can also be acquired via deposits to our US dollar accounts using a reference number, taking advantage of the extensive network of banks with which Monex maintains relations.

When conducting this type of transactions with Monex, you receive benefits such as ample coverage and nationwide acceptance of Monex-issued documents, and quick identification of deposits received. Our effective electronic banking system includes email receipts and notifications. 


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