Digital Banking



  • Can I engage in currency trading?

    Yes, you can quote, buy, or sell the most important currencies at the tip of your fingertips through Monex's digital banking website or the Monex Móvil app.

  • How can I register a beneficiary ?

    Go to the payments menu, select the account to which you wish to add the beneficiary (if you have multiple accounts, otherwise there will be direct access.) Once you specify whether it is NATIONAL or INTERNATIONAL, click on the BENEFICIARY button and you will see the option to REGISTER BENEFICIARY

  • If I have more than one nationality, which one do I choose to open my account?

    In this case, you should choose your primary nationality or the one for which you have valid documentation

  • In what financial instrument can I invest through Monex?

    You can invest in CEDES (Certificates of Deposit) starting at $10,000 MXN at a competitive interest rate and with terms ranging from 1 to 360 days (the yield varies according to the amount and term)

  • What documents do I need to open an account if I am a foreign national?

    The only documents you need are the following: Valid passport, CFE or Telmex bill as proof of residence (dated within the last 3 months), and your Tax Status Certificate if you pay taxes in Mexico

  • What is a Tax Status Certificate (CSF)?

    A Tax Status Certificate (CSF) is an official document issued by the Tax Administration Service (SAT) that gathers all the data of a taxpayer (such as RFC, tax regime, economic activities, location, etc.)

  • What is the interest rate paid on my investments?

    The rate varies depending on the term, which may be consulted at the time the investment is made through the app

  • What is the maximum amount I can transfer?

    You may transfer up to 10,000 USD a month or its equivalent in another currency

  • What is the maximum deposit amount?

    You can deposit the equivalent of 30,000 UDIs per month

  • What is the minimum investment amount?

    The minimum investment amount is $10,000 MXN

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