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  • Are loans made in US Dollars or in Pesos?

    Currently our loans are dollar- denominated, however we will have the option of Peso-denominated loans by January of 2005.

  • Can an American product that is shipped from a country other than the USA be financed?


  • Can an American team who is already in Mexico be financed?


  • Can I partially withdraw the resources contributed to my Personal Plan?

    Yes, although returning the amount of deductible contributions as soon as possible is recommended.

  • Can I register several account co-holders to my Personal Plan?

    No, only a single Account Holder can be registered with the number of beneficiaries that you wish.

  • Can Mexican labor in projects hired by American companies be financed under the protection of Ex –Im


  • Can services provided by American companies be financed under the protection of Ex- Im Bank Programs


  • Credit Rating

    Funds under the “debt instrument” rating are classified on a monthly basis by a rating company (Fitch Ratings) considering the following performance benchmarks:

    Credit rating- Measures the opportunity with which issuers meet their payment obligations.

    Credit Rating

    AAA Outstanding
    AA High
    A Good
    BBB Acceptable
    BB Low
    B Minimum

    Market Risk
    Measurement that considers the degree of the fund’s sensitivity in view of economic events. That is, exchange rate variations, interest rates, etc.

    Market Risk
    1) Extremely Low
    2) Low
    3) Between Low and Moderate
    4) Moderate
    5) Between Moderate and High
    6) High
    7) Very High

  • Does Monex Casa de Bolsa charge a commission for managing my Personal Plan?

    No commission is applied for managing your Personal Retirement Plan, provided minimum holdings are met.

  • How do I set up my Personal Retirement Plan?

    By requesting the services of a Financial Advisor at 5231-4500 or from anywhere in Mexico at 01800 7466639 and/ or visiting our webpage through the contact link.

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