Digital Banking



  • Are loans made in US Dollars or in Pesos?

    Currently our loans are dollar- denominated, however we will have the option of Peso-denominated loans by January of 2005.

  • At what time do Swaps take place in Monex ONE?

    At 4:15 PM, CDMX time

  • Can an American product that is shipped from a country other than the USA be financed?


  • Can an American team who is already in Mexico be financed?


  • Can I engage in foreign exchange transactions?

    Yes, with ONE, you have the most important currencies at your disposal through the mobile App or digital banking website, where you can quote and trade in different currencies

  • Can I open an account using my passport instead of my INE card?

    Currently, you may only open a ONE account with a valid INE card.

  • Can I partially withdraw the resources contributed to my Personal Plan?

    Yes, although returning the amount of deductible contributions as soon as possible is recommended.

  • Can I pay taxes?

    Yes, from the Digital Banking site in the service payment and transfers module, in the ""REFERENCED PAYMENT TO SAT"" and ""FEDERAL TAXES"" section"

  • Can I register several account co-holders to my Personal Plan?

    No, only a single Account Holder can be registered with the number of beneficiaries that you wish.

  • Can I share my payment receipts with others?

    Yes, go to the balance menu, select the contract you want to view, click on "Contract Movements," and select the movement you want to check. Then, click on the "SHARE" option

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