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  • Ceplatas

    Silver Certificates. Securities issued by banking institutions of a trust backed by 100 troy ounces of silver.

  • (Ajustabonos) Inflation- Adjusted Bonds

    Government issued bonds. They are long term debt securities, periodically adjusted to inflation -as measured by the INPC-; the principal is paid at expiration.

  • Account Statement.

    Document that Brokerage Firms forward their clients that contains the transactions that were carried out during the time period, generally on a monthly basis.

  • Active Management

    Investment philosophy based on the selection of assets. It is based on the conviction that it is possible to exceed the index’s yield by selecting the assets in which to invest.

  • Adefas

    Debt from previous fiscal years (accounts payable).

  • Adjusted Price

    Resulting price by applying to the closing price of a stock, the value implied by the exercise of a corporate or monetary right decreed by the incumbent issuer. The adjusted price is calculated by the BMV.

  • Administration

    The service of payment of exercising rights, in cash or in kind, that accrues over the deposited securities.

  • AFORE Pension Fund Management

    Financial company, included in the IMSS Act of January 1st, 1997, dedicated to managing individual pension accounts of employees and channels the resources to Investment Companies that specialize in Pension Funds (SIEFORES).

  • Afores

    Pension Fund Managers. Financial entities that are dedicated, exclusively, regularly and professionally to managing individual accounts and channeling resources from the integrating sub-accounts under the provisions set by social security laws, as well as managing investment companies.

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