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Code of Ethics

Introduction to Banco Monex

The purpose of this document is to be a simple and practical tool, from an ethical stand point, in order to guide the decision making process of all those who are part of Monex.

It includes some guidelines and limits that should not be exceeded, but most importantly, it highlights the values of our institution.

This document does not include a list of forbidden conduct, but rather, it contains the commitments that our company upholds with the different groups with which we have a relationship: clients, employees, stockholders, providers, counterparties, environment, our community and our competitors.

This code is based on an ethical commitment and pursuant to applicable laws, loyalty to Monex, professionalism in the development of corporate activities as well as the support and respect for internationally recognized human rights.

We invite all those who form part of the company to implement the performance and decision making principles that are contained herein.


Introduction to Monex Casa de Bolsa

In order to elevate the quality and competitiveness of the Mexican stock market, it is necessary to supplement the current regulatory framework with an integral self-regulating scheme through which to regulate, monitor and penalize the conduct of its participants.

In this context, the Code of Ethics has the purpose of being the basis of operations for every professional participating in this market, promoting high standards of ethical and professional conduct in order to preserve the integrity of the stock market and protect the interests of the investor public.

For such purpose, fundamental principles are set, to which all people who engage regularly and professionally in activities related with the stock market must adhere , including those who, by virtue of their functions, may influence the public?s opinion in issues related to the stock market (hereinafter, the ?Professionals?).

Although the fundamental principles of operations have the purpose of orienting the conduct of the Professionals, the Mexican Stock Exchange (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores), the Mexican Derivatives Market (MexDer), the S.D Indeval, Asigna Compensación y Liquidación, the Mexican Association of Securities Intermediaries and other institutions that support the stock market that abide by this code (hereinafter, the ?Self-regulating Entities) must issue norms and standards that regulate the conduct that is demanded by such principles, so that through this mechanism, the Professionals are able to loyally comply with the market?s sound practices.

Furthermore, in order for the self-regulating scheme to be effective, the Self-regulating Entities must provide supervision strategies and systems, as well as a disciplinary body empowered to penalize conducts that infringe the issued norms, being the Board of Directors of such entities the ultimate authority in every disciplinary process. Notwithstanding the above, when there is substantiated indication that the breaching conduct may lead to constitute a crime, the Self-regulating Entity that is privy to such activity, must inform the proper authorities.